The Young American Seditionary Syndicate
is committed to fighting for the liberation of the downtrodden working class.
In recognition, however, of the panoply of leaps and bounds which our society has
undertaken since the halcyon days of Marx & Engels, we aim to carry on the struggle into our
uncharted century by adapting its key terms into the modern language of branding,
image-consciousness and web presence.
We create original, web-based content to broadcast our revolution, using social media to connect followers who can bond over oppression by the corporate capitalist class
while also establishing class unity over the mass line collective appeal of our pulsing rhythms and pop synth textures.

All revolutions necessitate the creation of a figurehead to guide our hands, and Y.A.S.S. leaders Thompson Mao & Anne Chi-Minh (pictured left, with Comrade Willytron)
are prepared to assume that humble position of service to all workers, making full use of their socio-economic knowledgeability as well as their chic fashion sensibilities and pleasing faces.